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You’ll love it, my friend

You'll love it, my friend


Mt 14, 14-22 / 1Kar 1, 10 -18

Dear brothers, dear sisters!

1. A fragment of the Gospel vividly describes to us the scene: the desert, many people, the evening comes, the disciples bring to Jesus five loaves and two fishes… With spiritual eyes we can see ourselves in this scene.

Where I am in it, what I feel and what I do there? What thoughts I’m having, what I see and smell? That it is — the smell of the desert’s wind, wind of the sand and stones, the wind of the slowly dying. That it is — the sun, which a traveler feels the heat during the day and in the evening hunger. And that it is – I’m here alone and listen myself, hoping to find the answer and change something…

2. In our life there are often deserts, when it seems that all sources have dried up and the Sky has forgotten about the rain. Then you just need to feverishly dig somewhere — it’s not necessary for five loaves and two fishes — but at least some desire to live will draw you to Jesus. Take it, O God, hold it, feed me and others by that… Strange? Impossible? Well, it’s a miracle.

3. It’s so hard to be a wizard. It is so difficult to do miracles, even with a wand in a hand… However, «I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me» (Phil 4, 13). With Him, I become a wizard, with him I can do miracles! What shall I repay to the Lord today? The decision to come to confession, forgiveness, just my tears and my sadness?

It is not important, what it would be, but it is important to take this step. Do not worry — Jesus knows what to do. You will see that the desert is a chance. You’ll love it, my friend.

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